10 reasons to visit Lillehammer

Lillehammer lies in the southern border of Gudbrandsdalen Valley. Known for hosting the Olympic Games in 1994 and the Winter Youth Olympics in 2016, the city is a popular destination for ski and forest lovers and has some beautiful landscapes. Also, the region is known as a sustainable destination, with well preserved local traditions and constructions.

Stasjonen Cafe: for a lazy (and yet delicious) first stop, just hop off of the train and jump into Stasjonen Cafe, which lies in the same building as the train station. A cozy fireplace, fresh waffles twice a day and a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate can be the perfect match for a cold day. Hot or cold meals made from scratch and with a wide variety of options are served from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM every day.

Stasjonen Hostel/ Hotel: on the opposite side of the train station building there is one of our HI Hostels, a high standard Green Key and Hi Q&S certified hostel since 2007. With themed rooms and of course, great staff and many sustainable initiatives, it has also one of the highest satisfaction rates from guests. Spoiler: some rooms have a beautiful view to the largest lake in Norway, the Mjøsa. The lake is 117 km long and its maximum width goes to unbelievable 15 km! You can see some room options here. Bonus: as a guest, you have free access to the breakfast buffet at Stasjonen Cafe and free coffee and tea for the whole day through!

Some of the themed rooms at Hi Stasjonen Lillehammer

Sjusjøen: up for some ski? Be prepared for over 350 km of classic cross country ski tracks! The largest cross country ski track in the world is about 20 minutes by bus from the Lillehammer Station. The Sjusjøen Skisenter is also hosting a Ski Maraton in early february. Lillehammer and the Gudbrandsdalen region itself are well known winter destinations, with over 2000 km of ski tracks for all, from beginners to professionals.

Our hostel manager at Hi Stasjonen Lillehammer, Geir Evensen, is one of the participants of the Ski Marathon in Sjusjøen

Maihaugen: the largest open-air museum outside Oslo has over 200 buildings from different periods since the viking era. It is a great way to learn more about the norwegian history and culture. The museum has also many other exhibitions, stores, restaurants and one of the 28 wooden churches left in Norway. Definitely a must-see!

Beautiful landscapes at Maihaugen – open air museum

Norwegian Olympic Museum: inside Maihaugen lies also the Norwegian Olympic Museum. With a vast collection of equipments, historic outfits, info about the athletes, videos and photos about the first Winter Olympics hosted in Norway (Oslo, 1952) and also the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer (1994), it shows the history of the olympic games since its first editions in the ancient Greece until nowadays.

The Olympic Museum takes you through a journey of sports history

Hunderfossen: looking for further adventures? What about visiting the bobsleigh and luge track in Hunderfossen? It is just 15 km away from Lillehammer Stasjonen. You can also visit Hunderfossen Family Park, an amusement park guarded by a 14 meters high troll, full of norwegian folk stories and attractions to both kids and adults.

Nightlife: a variety of cozy restaurants, bars, clubs and shops can be found in the city center, just a minute walk from the Lillehammer Train Station. Some of our recommendations include a local microbrewery, a skybar, a pub, a handcraft and nordic design store and a scape room.

Hi Stasjonen Lillehammer staff and our project manager Emilia Barreto had fun at the Scape Room

Sports: did you know that norwegians are all about being active and sporty? As a former home to Olympic Games, Lillehammer has lots of venues dedicated to winter sports: don’t miss out the Håkons Hall. Within a walking distance from the Lillehammer Train Station, this was the main arena during the 1994 Olympic Games. The biathlon and ski stadium Birkebeiner, Lysgårdbakken Ski Jumping Arena are also worth a visit. Want to see a live hockey game? The Eidsiva Arena often hosts games from the local team!

Pilgrims Routes: as one of the most preserved regions in Norway, it is no surprise that Lillehammer is part of some pilgrims routes. During summertime, the region gets packed with adventure seekers that travel as far as Trondheim through different routes by foot or bike. Have your camera ready for breathtaking landscapes along the way.

Sustainable Destination: promoting local businesses while preserving ancient traditions, architecture and protecting wildlife is a priority in Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen. Are you an eco-friendly traveler? Help us to keep the destination safe for the generations to come and learn more about us here.