Say HI to the new participants!

March 2020 marks an important and exciting transformation period for the Say HI to Sustainability project. As those of you who follow our social media profiles already might know, our project has been granted three more years of financial support from Norec (Norwegian Agency of Exchange Cooperation), which is an excecutive body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This means that in addition to the 12 participants that have already worked for Say HI to Sustainability, 12 new participants are now given the chance to work with sustainable tourism within HI Norway and HI Brazil. In 2020 these amazing people are Kristina, Ragnhild, Adams and Mariana.

The 4th year participants from the left: Kristina, Ragnhild, Adams, and Mariana

Kristina Eriksen Isham from Norway, going to Brazil for one year: Kristina describes herself as adventurous, open-minded and curious. She has extensive travel experience and has done volunteer work within environmentalism and been involved in climate action campaigns. And as if that is not enough, her dream is to open an eco hostel in Norway.

Ragnhild Bjørkås from Norway, going to Brazil for one year: Ragnhild also has a lot of experience with living abroad. For example, she lived in Argentina for half a year, where she among other things studied sustainability within companies. Ragnhild is very interested in new cultures and looks forward to contributing to the project.

Adams Souza da Silva from Brazil, going to Norway for one year: Adams describes himself as a happy guy with a lot of initiative. He has worked with sustainability projects and community engagement before, and also has experience within tourism and hosteling. Adams appreciates the spirit of friendship and community that is found within the HI hostels.

Mariana Schiller Franco from Brazil, going to Norway for one year: Mariana is a resourceful lady with a varied background. Among other things, she has founded a company that provides translation services. Moreover, she has worked with tourism and sustainability projects and describes herself as a problem solver with great creative skills.

This week, Kristina, Ragnhild, Adams and Mariana are in Bogotá, Colombia, for their Norec training 1, where they are learning all they need to know before going on their exchanges. These four young people will be working with a range of different tasks within the HI Norway and HI Brazil networks, and we wish them the best of luck as they are embarking upon this sustainable adventure (yes, it will definitely be an adventure!).

At the same time, we wish to thank Norec, HI Norway and HI Brazil for the opportunity we were given during our exchange year. We learned a lot from these experiences, and we are sure that the project is in great hands with the new participants. Congratulations again on the selection, and the best of luck in Norway and Brazil to the four of you from the four of us!

The 3rd year participants from the left: Ane, Emília, Thomas, and Amarílis

Written by: Ane Omland