Praia do Rosa – a surfer´s paradise and so much more

In the beginning of December, we spent a week at Rosa Surf Hostel (, located at the lovely Praia do Rosa (Rosa Beach). Rosa Surf Hostel is one of the newest hostels to join HI in Brazil, and we got to implement the HI-Q&S criteria at the hostel, as well as getting to know the great tourist destination that Praia do Rosa is!

Praia do Rosa is located 90 kilometers south of Florianópolis, in the state of Santa Catarina. Both Florianópolis and Praia do Rosa are known as surfer´s paradises, and after visiting both places we can confirm that they truly are. There is, however, so much more to the places than great surf. The many beautiful, pristine beaches can be enjoyed also by those of us that are not surfers – either for enjoying the sun, going swimming, doing SUP (stand up paddle), sipping on some coconut water or watching the sunrise and sunset.

Another easily accessible activity to do in Praia do Rosa is to go hiking. The area has several different trails that you can enjoy, and the view from these hikes are spectacular. Other than this, you can enjoy a stroll in the cozy, local streets in the Centrinho (the small city center), where you can enjoy the local nightlife as well. For the more adventurous guests, you can do a parachute jump or rappelling. Moreover, if you are in Rosa between June and October, you are lucky to be there during the whale watching season, and you can watch these amazing creatures!

If (or should we say when?) you are going to Praia do Rosa, we highly recommend you, of course, to stay at Rosa Surf Hostel. As already mentioned, the hostel is one of the newest hostels to join HI Hostel Brasil. In addition to that, the hostel itself is almost brand new, as the building was finished in 2018. This makes the hostel modern, and a great place to spend some days. Luis, the hostel owner, has lived in the area for a long time, and happily shares his local knowledge and tips with the guests. In addition to providing high quality accommodation, Rosa Surf Hostel is involved with the local community, and hosts different events along the year. One example is the slackline encounters and competitions. During our stay at the hostel, Luis put up a slackline for the guests to use. Slackline is a great way to test and train your balance!

Nature preservation is very important at Praia do Rosa, something that naturally warms our hearts as participants in a sustainability project. On one of our first strolls to the beach we found different signs urging visitors and locals ways to take care of the nature, in the nicest ways.

These signs are put up by the organization Jogue Limpo (“fair play”), and because Luis has a partnership with the organization, we got to visit them and learn more about the work they do. Jogue Limpo has existed since 2012, and they cooperate with hotels, hostels and restaurants. These places pay a few reales (the currency in Brazil) to Jogue Limpo for each guest they have or each table they serve. Jogue Limpo then uses this money to work with compost and separation of trash. When the municipality has picked up the trash, Jogue Limpo comes and picks up whatever is left. The organization also organizes beach clean ups.

Visiting Jogue Limpo´s office

As if these are not enough reasons to visit Praia do Rosa, Rosa Surf Hostel is the latest HI hostel in Brazil to receive the HI-Q&S certification. Congratulations to Luis and the team for committing to the quality and sustainability work at the hostel! We hope that this article has highlighted some of the great things Praia do Rosa has to offer in addition to the surf. However, if you do not know how to surf, but you would like to learn, there are of course surf lessons available in Praia do Rosa. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and Say HI to Praia do Rosa!

Written by: Ane Omland