Volunteering at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Every year, Kongsberg hosts a Jazz Festival, with multiple shows happening in different venues across the town.

Our team members in Norway, Emilia and Amarilis, volunteered at this amazing event. Musicians from different European countries and even the US played in town and people from all over Norway showed up to watch the concerts, that happened between 3 and 6th July.

A street market was setup on the beautiful bridge above the Lågen river and some lucky guests were able to stay at our local hostel, Kongsberg Vandrerhjem.

While Amarilis volunteered at the bar, having the chance to interact with people, Emilia was part of the Environmental Group of volunteers. As such, she had the change to interact with a team committed to keep the streets clean and tidy, making everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

Over 50 volunteers in total were working at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, divided in smaller groups that had specific tasks. All of them had free meals at the local university, Krona, during the event, as well as free-pass to the concerts.

Collecting trash was a very humbling experience. The team had people from different ages and backgrounds, ranging from high school students, local workers to an academic PhD! The shifts were long, since all needed to be cleaned up after the concerts were over, but the team was so great that everyone came together to have it done and ready for another day. Some extra volunteers even showed up to help and, while some people just threw their trash on the streets, others came to talk to us and show appreciation for our work.

The Environmental Team also suggested some additional environmental friendly initiatives for the next editions of the Festival: in 2020, for example, drinks will no longer be served in plastic glasses. Cheers to Mother Nature! This is part of our amazing team on duty. Our team member Emilia is on the left with her fellows Adina, Rebecca and Frida. The photo was gently taken by the leader of this great Environmental Team, Kenneth Moen:

We also oriented the stall market staff to sort their recyclables correctly and we collected all used oil from the local bars and restaurants to send to the Recycling Station.

Music, fun and eco-friendly initiatives are such a great combo! We are very pleased to see that the our efforts to make the Festival great – and green – were paid off.

Want to join the next edition? We definitely recommend that you book a room in advance, since the city gets so full that it might be impossible to get a last minute spot.