Ideias Sustentáveis



  • Say HI to Minas Gerais!
    A few weeks back, the Say HI team spent some weeks in Belo Horizonte and Diamantina, in the state of Minas Gerais (or simply Minas, as Brazilians say). Minas is located in southeastern Brazil, and is the second most populous state in the country.
  • NO crying over spilled milk – A Food Waste Management Project at HI Bergen Hostel Montana
    It’s November and, while Emília is in Lillehammer working on the sustainable room, Amarílis is at HI Bergen Hostel Montana working on a food waste management project for a few weeks! Press play to see what she has been up to during the last
  • We come in Peace – Sleep for Peace 2019
    Did you know that the 21st of September is the International Day of Peace? It was established by the United Nations in 1981 in order to build a culture of peace worldwide.  In order to celebrate this day, Hostelling International has organized
  • Klimabrølet: how politics can help prevent Climate Change:
    The Klimabrølet has united students, communities, businesses and politicians from different parties with the same goal: prevent Climate Change. Part of our crew from Hostelling International attended to the event. In total, 30.000 people gathered
  • We need to talk about Climate Change!
    Have you noticed that, lately, summers are getting warmer, people are sweating buckets, and all we see on the news are related to record-breaking temperatures around the world? Europe, for instance, is suffering through the latest heatwave, with the